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Naruto 690 - Team 7 in the end

Kaguya should be done with, If you are Naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for Naruto 690. Just read Naruto 690 prediction and Naruto 690 spoiler confirmed by ohana.

I'm sure she'll put up more of a fight before she goes but with such a nice panel of Team 7 in the end, we can finally see the light of the tunnel that leads to Kaguya's exit out of the manga. Hopefully this isn't how the fight ends. So far this battle has not even been close to as good as the battle with Juubi/Obito. It also doesn't make much sense that Kaguya can't tell clones from the originals considering even Madara could detect Hashirama's wood clones which were considered to be extremely difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Kaguya only seems to use a couple abilities, dimension warping and the ash bones.

Those are cool but I would like to see her use a little more variety. Her powers don't really seem that much more impressive that Madara's or JuubiObito's. Madara used many abilities and all of them were on a massive scale. Kaguya's reality warping is pretty cool but it seems like that is all she can do, she should have countless options, I don't see why she is forced to rely on warping. Why can't she use Shira Tensei to push them all back? Portals shouldn't be her only option. Kakashi's new abilities are awesome but I don't see how his Sharingan can be so overpowered when compared to Sasuke's. Kakashi's eyes really do seem to be far superior to Sasuke's even though Sasuke has the True Rinnegan and is the incarnation of Indra. It's kind of lame that Sasuke's eyes really don't seem to have gotten much better. There really doesn't seem to be any consistency to the powers the Sharingan obtains as it evolves.

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Naruto 689 - Naruto Manga 689 Chapter

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naruto 689 chapter

Kakashi stopped being useful ever since Tobi became the jinchuuriki. Even before then, he made Tobi useless too with his tactics and Kamui. We already got the point when Kishi went on and on about Tobi turning good and being forgiven. Doesn't mean Naruto needs to put a killer on a high pedestal. That's just as BS as not punishing Sasuke for killing Danzou (which he probably won't be). Naruto can see the good in Kaguya for all I care, but it's pretty absurd to think someone's the coolest just because they wanted to be a hokage when they caused so much destruction.

Because Kishi wasted a lot of pages/a chapter on this unnecessary crap. I can see Naruto and Tobi being butt buddies, but I just can't agree with Naruto calling Tobi the coolest. Good for you if you don't mind though. Oh that part, guess that makes up for him being a ruthless killing maniac eh. I see what you mean now though, this power of friendship thing is literally everywhere it's becoming repulsive. Don't get me wrong, honorable by every means. Just that it's becoming too transparent at this stage of the manga and bracing myself for when Madara spews out the same emotional speech to Hashirama later.

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Naruto 689 Spoiler - Kakashi's 100 Technique

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That still does not make Kamui his technique. It is Obito's technique. No one is taking his moniker away from him either. The issue here is Susanoo.

Even if one wants to argue his mastery over the eye he was given. He never did the same with the one Obito had, because he himself never had it. Obito had them both and just spent the last however long of his life using them in conjunction with one another.

And once again, utilization. Let's not forget the fact that Madara literally chose not to use the techniques because it would make his fighting style look sloppy. This is stated. So Madara made the choice not to use those techniques because he wouldn't look pretty if he did. Let's also not forget the fact that Obito claimed to be able to use the soul ripping ability. Standards of the eyes, not Nagato's techniques.

However, What work did he put into activate Susanoo? Please tell me. It Was Naruto pointing him out to be the copy ninja but according to the rules first established by the author about the eyes themselves, one cannot copy bloodline abilities. It would be the same as him copying Tsukuyomi, Amatarasu, or Koto-Amatsukami . Now if those things seem like a stretch how in the world does it make sense for him to copy the Naruto equivalent of wing-zero.

That's fine that you disagree, but just because he is the handler of the technique does not make the technique his. And him being aware, does not mean anything at all. Just like Nagato, he was able to use the Rinnegan. Doesn't make the techniques his own.

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One Piece Chapter 756 - Zoro Versus Fujitora

So Senor is hard-boiled...but even if he is follower of Doflamingo...he is good guy...willing to help weak old lady's? Tontantta rebellion start...and now Franky too joins into fray...And lol, Payback is truly a bitch, using Senor's Move against him? XD Wait Franky..WHAT!!!! Lol, so 2 Hard Boiled man fight...round 2 start. or is it already Round 3? So Tontantta Princess have some kind of powers eh? something to do with Smile? Selfish Princess does not looks that much selfish in this chapter..

one piece 756
one piece 756
I don't think Zoro's fight will end anytime soon mainly because he's fighting one of the top officers of Doflamingo. There isn't much else for him to do besides odd jobs or run around lost or fight some marines or something since Sabo is already dealing with Fujitora. If Sabo gets off-panelled (which I doubt he will actually lose that badly after showing up in this arc) then Zoro will probably end up having to face Fujitora (hold him off) and stall until some time when things settle down. But mainly, if tradition holds, Zoro will finish his fight just before Luffy finishes his main fight with Doflamingo; and until then we will only be getting small updates of his battle from time to time. As far as the format of this arc goes, I understand that not much progression seems to be taking place chapter to chapter; however, I don't really find it irritating or boring. I guess its a matter of personal taste and opinion... I got nothing against anyone who complains.

Bleach 592 Chapter - Hitsugaya dies

Either way what really bothers me is that is Crapsugaya all over again... Kubo could have use Rose or Keisei or both!, damn he could have even came up with some captains from the past... old 10 squad captain who died on duty (no one knows what was he off fighting on "duty")... the use of arrancar would have no interest against shinigami because they already defeat them but Mayori's move was ok since it's against SR. But using Crapsugaya when we still have a lot of people to watch fighting is beyond the highest level of lame.

bleach manga 592
bleach manga 592
After his fight with Cang Du, a figure was found next to him and apparently it was Giselle. I'd say it's quite an entertaining chapter, I'm really glad their personalities are still kept. What surprised me the most was Charlotte wiping out Bambietta, a fraccion? Wow now I'm close to seeing almost everything. He pretty much clarified all theories of Giselle being a man with his approach and statement to fight him. Kinda hoping Hitsugaya dies, Luppi will definitely be the fitting opponent for him in this case. It'd be quite hilarious during the middle of Hitsu's battle, an intrusion by Yammy just appears with a curb-stomp to his face while laughing. Although if anyone is appropriate to do that would be Halibel since we're on the arrancar theme.Be great if ulquiorra was brought back as well hahaha which won't happen but man hitsuguya a zombie now, I doubt he is dead he could be faking it, acting like he is under her control when he is not and if he is under control i think he will come out of it he is too strong and wouldn't make sense just to kill him off just yet.

Naruto 688 Chapter - Hagoromo clan

I wonder about Kaguya, Hagoromo, and Hamura's successors. As most of us remember, Kimimaro's last name was Kaguya, and was a part of the Kaguya clan. Their specialty was bone creation/manipulation and was exclusive to their clan. I think that is no coincidence. There's also the unknown Hagoromo clan. I wonder how these clans came to be and what their connection was to those of days past, if any at all. I also wonder how we'll hear about Kaguya's back story. She's said to be a princess, and in one dimension there was a castle.

naruto manga 688
naruto manga 688
If those dimensions really are remnants of a civilization now lost, I wonder how she became interested in humans and the affairs of man (wars). In the interest of time, I think Hagoromo left out some important details that were seemingly unimportant at the time, due to Naruto and Sasuke's dire situation. I doubt she'll be killed off without further elaborating on why she is trying to do the things she is, but she doesn't seem as open with divulging information like say, Madara. And again, in the interest of time, I don't know if Hagoromo will deem it important enough to tell the hokages of her past and why she is the way she is (Other than the power she received driving her mad).the part about naruto thinking obito was cool, thats a little weird. i could have done without the flashbacks. but overall, it was actually a good chapter. i'm not sure how obito made it to the good afterlife. sauke tried to blitz, it didn't work. then naruto succeeded with an arm cutting blitz. awesome. now where is that guy saying naruto can't fly fast?It was alright. I give it a 3.5/5 because of the closure given with one of my favorite characters but sheesh, too many repetitive flashbacks for me >_> It was nice to have Obito change the way he did, I've grown more and more comfortable with the idea but Naruto's character has me feeling bittersweet this chapter. It was badass what he did to BZ, and I like the effect that he had on Obito. At the same time, really Naruto? A guy kills your family and helps warp your best friend into what was once a threat to the home you dreamed to protect and you call him the coolest guy? I understand Naruto isn't one to hold a grudge but his behavior to these people is just too... Idealistic I guess? It's just ridiculous sometimes.