Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Naruto 697 - Natural Energy and Kurama

Sasuke is smart and knows what it needs to be done to naruto 697 accomplished the goal and he doesn't let his emotions t Take over him but still, what sasuke think is the mighty rule and he doesn't listen that the might be betters ways as the way that itachi was thinking in other word, stubborn  while naruto.. Sasuke was supposed to be at a disadvantage, because he couldn't use the Bijuu chakra, now that he can, I can't really say that he's weaker in terms of chakra than Naruto, but with Naruto being able to use natural energy and Kurama being able to harness it at will, I don't think that he's behind Sasuke in terms of chakra. Being able to use the power of Nature and the world itself is something that Sasuke can't really do but Naruto can.

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* We don't have characters who can curbstomp Bijuu without the Rinnegan, or seal all 9 Bijuu in 1/10th of the time it took Nagato + Kisame + the rest of the Akatsuki to seal one.

* We don't have another god-tier opponent taking away from the suspense of the Juubi, and leaving us to constantly wonder why no meteors are being dropped on the Shinobi Alliance.

* The five Kages can direct the fight against the Juubi utilizing leadership and tactics alongside sheer power, instead of the 4 Hokages just making a king-hell barrier and nailing it down.

* We don't have a god-tier opponent becoming the Juubi Jinchuuriki, leaving us to wonder why the hell Naruto can logically match that power even with fragments of the 9 Bijuu and Sasuke's help, and why the hell the 8th Gate gives such a gigantic boost that it can speedblitz two god-tier Kage+++ opponents combined.

* Plot-wise, Naruto and Sasuke can lose their initial fight with Obito, and get stuck in limbo then, making their Hagoromo powerups a lot less superfluous.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Naruto 697 Raw - Naruto 697 Spoilers

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Sasuke wants to change Naruto 697 the world and bring people together via a common theme. Hatred simply isn't the right thing to use. Sasuke lacks wisdom because he's inexperienced and because his view of the world is biased. He doesn't lack intelligence, because if he did, he wouldn't be able to recognize all the issues and wouldn't have came to the conclusions he did. His problem is he lacks the wisdom to see that his way is doomed to fail, and he lacks the human interaction (with normal humans anyway) to know how people actually operate.

 He is certainly lonely, but you mis-characterizing his loneliness. Sasuke's severing of his past bonds did in fact make him stronger...for a time. Without his past bonds Sasuke had nothing holding him back. Ironically, if he didn't love his brother so much, he'd have never advanced his eye powers.

Sasuke's breaking of bonds didn't make him weaker physically or mentally, it make him weaker spiritually. Sasuke hasn't been able to experience the kindness of humans, and thus he's lost faith in humanity. Whereas Naruto is forever the optimist and has too much faith because he's been rewarded so well, Sasuke has no faith because all he knows is pain and suffering. The issue is, he's done this by his own choosing, and he's simply to stubborn to realize this.

I don't so much think it's his status as a Avenger, but the fact that Sasuke wants to make a difference. Sasuke doesn't see himself as Avenger anymore, he seems himself as a revolutionary. And reason is because he has power beyond measure, and he thinks he knows the answers to all the worlds problems like any 17 year old.

Sasuke is searching for purpose, and instead of starting small like a normal person would, he's going for it all because he has the power that would allow him to.

Sasuke's goals have evolved in scale not just in who and what he is targeting. He went from killing one man, to killing several, to destroying a village to now changing the world. This is tied into his arrogance.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Naruto Manga 697 - Massive Bijuu Bombs

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See unlike Itachi who lured Sasuke into killing him in the Uchiha location,  Sasuke doesn’t realize that Naruto 697 has no interest in killing him.

In the flash back, they show the attitude that they show towards each other. One of mutual respect for one another. The question is will Sasuke commit suicide?
The interesting thing about the show is that many of the skilled ninjas died at the hand of someone else by choice. Jaraiya and Pain. Itachi and Sasuke. Shisui and Itachi, Kakashi’s dad. So it’s not uncommon that Sasuke wants to end his life because of some reason..

I found this chapter to be unentertaining as the fighting was kinda lame and the flashbacks were pointless and the discussion at the end should wait until more stuff has happened. I know it is a start up chapter but it could still be way more entertaining then this.
One question tho, you say kishi is done with the big scael stuff but if that is true why was this chapter seeming nothing but a godzilla battle right from the get go. No escalation just straight to perfect susanoo vs bijuu mode.

What I was trying to say is Kishimoto is trying to cover the large scaled techniques first, to get them out of the way. Hopefully next chapter, he doesn't need to worry about it, and we'll see Sasuke fighting hand-to-hand with Naruto. You know, with a few shinra tenseis and elemental rasenshurikens in there every now and then just to show off their new powers. Rather than flying Susano'os and massive bijuu bombs all over the place, which have been spammed throughout the war already. The flashbacks were a waste of space and not needed. We have seen that exact same flashback over 100 times.