Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Naruto Manga 693 - Read Naruto 693 Page 1

naruto manga 693

There was something attached to Sasuke very similar to whatever had been attached to him. The New Naruto manga 693 will be posted here when naruto chapter 693 scans is out! Read naruto 693 prediction and naruto 693 spoiler confirmed. Turns out it's the transmigrant souls. I believe it immediately became his goal to get rid of Ashura and Indra. I really think Naruto intends to somehow remove them and send them on their merry way. Naruto won't stand for that. for some dead guys controlling his and Sasuke's destiny.

I really thinks that's where this is headed and I think Naruto knew that all along. Hence his complete lack of surprise. You are a super genius, Huey Freeman! Finally, the meaning behind Naruto's vaguely expressed and peculiar words! "We're both gonna die". Of course he never meant a literally death which denotes the physical cessation of life but a figurative death, denoting the transmigrates life that has shaped or even predestinated how the lives would turn out to be in some form. Naruto aims to cut that chain.

I would prefer not to have another rasengan/chidori clash. It was annoying the second time we saw it and guess what? It will be annoying this time too. Sasuke and Naruto already understand each other. There's no need for silly flash backs or built up emotions around the two. Give us a solid conclusion where both acknowledge each other's choices and call it a day. The only ending I'll accept is sasuke's death and a hacked off penis. The only time I wanna see rasengan is where Naruto uses it to disintegrate sasuke's dick so no one can transplant it and use it to create uchiha brats.