Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Naruto 698 - Sasuke's Absorbed Chakra

naruto 698 pics - read naruto manga 698 I really enjoyed this naruto 698 chapter. Loved that their big showing in the past few chapters was basically just bluffing and trying to end the fight as quickly as possible, and now we see that they're all out of chakra, just running on fumes and beating the crap out of each other with their bare hands. I think you didn't factor in the point that Naruto still has a clone that didn't disperse yet. That means a few things. 1. The clone can be collecting senjutsu for Naruto. 2. The clone receved half of what Kurama could give meaning Sasuke only absorbed half of what Naruto received. 3. The clone can still incapacitate Sasuke or full nelson him from behind. 4. Sasuke might not actually be facing the real Naruto, and this fight might end the same way Madara and Hashirama did. The fight has been anticlimatic from the get go. Sasuke being stronger than naruto does not make much sense at this point IMO. He does have a rinnengan but naruto should have the sage's chakra... Sasuke having more chakra than naruto is specially asinine. Seriously, at this stage in the manga naruto running out of chakra? I get that sasuke can absorb chakra but naruto has sage chakra, the thing should kill sasuke outright. Anyways, the next stage is completely predictable. The manga is about fatalism, about repeating cycles and people being born to repeat the same thing as others. At least up to this chapter anyways. This fight is so far a repeat of hashirama vs madara.... Obviously what is in front of sasuke is a clone and just as he strikes the real naruto will land a hit on sasuke. I guess naruto can at least try to end the whole thing by no killing sasuke although in this particular case if sasuke dies it would effectively end the cycle of hatred, him being the last uchiha and all (unless he got karin pregnant). It is naruto's chance to end the cursed sharingan once and for all.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Naruto 698 - Sakura’s Feelings

naruto 698 manga - naruto chapter 698
As for what might happen the next Naruto 698 chapter, it’s either something along the lines of what you said or either what I am inclined to think based on what Kishimoto is basing his own manga on and also hope (like many people out there, despite their shipping preferences as I kinda have seen lately), Sakura intervenes and gets Sasuke out of the way in order to protect Naruto and deals with Sasuke to keep Naruto safe somewhat. In terms of what emotional barrier can such a scene like this hold, it’s hard to say because there are lots of stuff in the middle. It’s Sakura’s own feelings for Sasuke and as we saw back in 793, although she did offer.

Sasuke on the plate, once again her heart stemmed from many things such as own guilt for now being able to help him, because she considers herself guilty, but at the same time, she understood that she never really did get to his heart, but one last time or as the title of the chapter says, Once again… she offers him the same thing she could offer back in 181: happy days as a whole, as a family - as Team 7 and we have Sasuke even remembering his family, a nice touch of Kishi’s -, by once again, assuring him that no matter the wrongdoings he did to her and she did to him, her offer still stands, they, all, Team 7 can be a family once again, her heart is still his. But, despite that, what stands behind all those words and that which people should not forget it’s this expression before she said those words:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Naruto 698 - The Final Outcome

The anime team of naruto 698 will have to use the very best animation they can bring out for this fight. Good ol' Taijutsu fights are back and if this fight is animated like the Kakashi vs Obito fight in the anime, then it's going to be the best ever fight in this manga. Predictions : Naruto will catch and grab that Chidori hence his right arm will be severely damaged and he'll punch Sasuke straigth in da face. I'm sure they will replace the statues' heads by putting illustrations of Naruto's & Sasuke's head there instead of Hashirama's and Madara's.

It's pretty important to point out that two, count 'em TWO Bijuudama FRS combined with all the natural energy Naruto could muster, combined with the fact that they BOTH had elemental advantage over Sasuke's arrow, wasn't strong enough to overcome said arrow. They canceled it out sure, but... still important for us to remember. And yeah, Sasuke couldn't have reached that level without the Bijuu, but hey. Spoils of war. It was within his power to subdue Bijuu. It ain't like he asked them for help. He took that shit. Probably a clone hiding down there some how. Sasuke should've just vacuumed the entirety of Naruto's chakra out of his body. But then, that'd make too much sense.

 It would be pretty hilarious if he gets beat by a Rasengan to the back though. It'd be like Madara getting stabbed from behind by Hashirama. Pretty much confirms that whole "When fighting an Uchiha, surely you should flee. When outnumbering them, attack from behind." mantra that spawned over history. Only problem with a clone hidden under ground is that we've already seen that Sasuke can see chakra under ground with his Sharingan when he fought Deidara, and since Naruto was straight ahead of him when he fell on his face, Sasuke would've seen the henge Rasengan turning back into a clone under ground. Though... it makes absolutely no sense how the clone would've managed to get under ground. They can't teleport.